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Sylvia "SylkyDiva"

The stage is my playground. I use it to express myself as I reach out to others in song and verse.

I am the SylkyDiva.”

If the status of icon was measured by experience alone, then Sylvia “SylkyDiva” Wilson’s name would be etched in a 5- pointed brass star on Hollywood Boulevard. Since the age of 5, Sylvia’s undeniable star quality has provided her the opportunity to grace stages all across the world. As a young diva-in-training, born and raised in Montgomery, AL, she honed her music and acting skills by performing in school plays and singing in neighboring clubs.

Sylvia has performed in a variety of venues— from outdoor and indoor festivals to concert halls including the world famous Apollo Theater with the Alabama State University Choir. Her star power continued to illuminate her path as she would become the opening act for the S.O.S Band, Rough Ends, and Roger Troutman and Zapp. Roles as “Effie” in DreamGirls and “Evillene” in The Wiz served to further sharpen her thespian aptitude.

Far from being a runaway success story, Sylvia’s life has  also been accompanied with experiences that threatened to
discount and nullify her talents and purpose. While auditioning for a lead role, she was informed that her voluptuous figure and mocha-colored skin did not line up with the vision for the character and she was advised to lose weight and lighten her skin in order to be considered for the role. After respectfully declining to change the essence of who she is, she began to commiserate with women who have suffered similar disappointments due to their genetic makeup.

In 2007, she decided to accumulate all the anguish from her dreams, visions, and personal experience into her debut theatrical production, “Plus Size Divas The Musical”. “Plus Size Divas” depicts thought- provoking, mind- blowing, and reality-jolting awareness of various issues encountered by curvaceous women. Then in 2011, “Plus Size Divas The Movie” was conceived, nurtured and birthed. This film explores the issues that were presented in the musical and gives a more in depth look into the trials, test and tribulations that she faced. As an experienced singer, vocal coach, playwright, and songwriter, the therapeutic development of “Plus Size Divas” was exclusively engineered by Sylvia and culminates in an enriching story in which all women can gain empowerment.

In addition to performing, Sylky is an educator with a bachelor's and master's degree in Music Education. She is The CEO/Founder of SylkySmoove Entertainment LLC and SylkySoul For The Enrichment Of The Mind, Body & Spirit. Both organizations promote and provide services that focus on empowerment, motivation, size-acceptance and uplifting those that are not considered "the norm" in today's society.

Sylvia is a correspondent and Administrative Assistant for Prestige Magazine where she has the opportunities to meet as well as interview the up and coming and established celebrities. She continues to uplift, empower, and motivate the youth, women, and men with positive vibes, uplifting quotes, and affirmations that fuel abundant self-confidence, self-worth, and a unique boldness that promotes success on every level.

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