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We Must Love The Skin We're In

I am Sylvia "SylkyDiva" Wilson, CEO and Founder of SylkySmoove Entertainment. I am taking a stand on bringing about awareness and acceptance of issues faced by the Plus Size Communities worldwide.

Hi! I am Sylvia aka "SylkyDiva"

I am the CEO and Founder of SylkySmoove Entertainment LLC. I am taking a stand on bringing about awareness and acceptance of the issues faced by the Plus Size Communities worldwide. My ministry encompasses many anointed elements. SylkySmoove Entertainment LLC was started over sixteen years ago. My vision started in Montgomery, Alabama. I have implemented my visions to form an empire that will take the world by storm!

SylkySmoove Entertainment LLC embodies the ingredients necessary to ensure optimal success and promote positive imagery, acceptance and oneness in and around the community, nationally and internationally. This organization persistently embarks upon all tasks with the tenacity of power, enthusiasm, and compassion.

“We must love the skin that we are in and then embark upon the quest for a healthier lifestyle”. SylkySmoove Entertainment LLC is an empire that caters to the whole person providing elements to soothe and educate the mind, body and spirit through activities that encourage relaxation, building positive, confident self-image and engagement in entertainment and arts.

Sylvia, The Playwright

Highly recognized as one of the few African-American female playwrights of current times, Sylvia confidently combined her years of music and theatre experience to showcase her creativity and versatility as a writer, singer, and actress. Written to highlight the obstacles and bias that sumptuous women encounter, Plus Size Divas’ powerful message becomes more distinctive in each scene and song as “SylkyDiva”, played by Wilson, effortlessly spins a tale of victory powered by audacity.

“My motivation for the direction of the play, movie, and title developed from my own experiences with life encounters,” said Wilson, who composed and arranged the music for the production as well. “After being refused title roles and hindered from corporate promotion due to my physical appearance, I realized that there is a story that hasn’t been told in mainstream media yet, one that many people need to hear.”

Sylvia, a devoted mother of three, spent years of her life as a teacher in the classroom and her transition into theatre mirrors that as she positions herself as an educator through the performing arts. “Sylky ”gives a voice to the heart, visions, and dreams of voluptuous women everywhere with her supreme, seasoned lyrical content making her mantra clear that all women are created equal!

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